Stationeers Vulcan – S1E3 – Carpe Noctem – Backup Power and Mining

Stationeers Vulcan – S1E3 – Carpe Noctem – Backup Power and Mining

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This series of videos originally recorded on Twitch. There will be periods of me talking to Twitch Chat as well as alerts and notifications related to Twitch.

Second Night

This video is very mining/manufacturing heavy. I know it’s not the most exhilarating part of the game, but it is absolutely necessary. We’ll spend our first real night time setting up a coal generator on the roof to supplement our power. We’ll also do a quite a bit of mining/refining/building the early game needs.

Early on, I like to go out and grab 1 stack of everything or something close to that. Don’t forget the coal for the generator. Copper tends to get used the most in early game so grab tons of that and definitely get a bit of gold.

Also, pay attention to your compass when you’re out, so you can find your way home. If you get lost like I do in this video, don’t panic and don’t start charging off in a random direction. Wait for the sun to peak up and look around. I got lucky in this video and managed to make it home in a reasonable time.

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