Stationeers Vulcan – S1E2 – Interior Layout, Day 1

Stationeers Vulcan – S1E2 – Interior Layout, Day 1

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This series of videos originally recorded on Twitch. There will be periods of me talking to Twitch Chat as well as alerts and notifications related to Twitch.

Day 1 – Interior Layout

We made it, sealed in a room with all our stuff before Sunrise… Now we have to make this box useful for our survival. It’s time to work on the absolute necessities. We’ll need a place to eat/drink with breathable air, and an air lock to keep it that way. We need power and charging options. We need a cold room to store food in. We also need a work space to build stuff. Lots to do while the sun is up, and the race isn’t over yet.

I start out with a mess of crap spread out on the floor, but I need a usable organized room. I’ll begin by putting up power controllers and active vents with pipes attached. Then I’ll put up a couple of doors to the breathing/eating/drinking room. This will serve as a manual air lock when we need to eat or drink in the breathable room. You may notice that I let hydration and hunger reach 0% at times. When this happens it will start to eat away at my health. I prefer to consume whatever is needed at the 10% health range. This gives us a buffer and a much longer time in between needing to consume food/water.

Once we have the breathing room sorted I move on to making the cold storage room for the food. This involves using 2 windows as a makeshift air lock. I then seal myself in with the food in a 2 square section, use the scrubber to make a vacuum, turn it off, then turn my jetpack on to put some nitrogen in the room. Once that’s done I use the fire extinguisher to lower the temperature. I then seal that into a 1 square room with a window and remove the window leading back out to the base. This traps a nice cold air room with the food in the corner and lets me back into the base. This food will be needed later and if you leave it out in a warm area it will spoil.

I then return to the air lock we created and seal myself into a 2 square section again. I use the outer most active vent to empty both tiles to a complete vacuum. Then I turn off the active vent and use the portable oxygen tank to fill the room with ~25kPa of oxygen. I then seal the air lock and use the other active vent (inner most) to empty the room again to a vacuum. Then we use the exterior active vent to fill the room back up with outside atmosphere and cycle our way out into the base.

Once the 2 rooms are set up and our food/air is nice and safe, it’s a good time to straighten things up a little and organize some of the remaining gear. I move almost everything into the room adjacent to the cold storage room as it’s a nice out of the way spot.

Once you have a little free space, it’s a great time to set up the Arc Furnace and Autolathe for smelting and crafting the things we’ll need going forward. These can really go anywhere, I prefer to keep them inside so I can smelt/craft while the Sun is up.

Last thing to do is consume some water and food to get our health ticking in the upward direction while we go mining… While we’re out, it’s a good time to put the coal generator on the roof for those moments when we need electricity while the Sun is down. Later we’ll hook up some Chutes so we can use it from the inside.

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