Stationeers Vulcan – S1E1 – Building Shelter and Unpacking

Stationeers Vulcan – S1E1 – Building Shelter and Unpacking

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This series of videos originally recorded on Twitch. There will be periods of me talking to Twitch Chat as well as alerts and notifications related to Twitch.

Getting Started

Vulcan is a super hostile planet. The temperature at night drops to 127° C…. However, during the “day” it jumps to 620° C… This heat is generated by an intense black hole sun that is absolutely gorgeous for the few rare moments you’ll see it. On the bright side (literally and figuratively), you get 150% solar energy.. The air is a nice 32kPA of everything that wants to kill you. Volatiles (Hydrogen), Carbon Dioxide, and of course Pollutants.

If you choose to play this on Stationeers difficulty with a 1.00 or higher food/hydration rate, you’re going to need a shelter with a breathable room FAST. If you choose a lesser difficulty, you’re still going to need a shelter FAST. You have no time to spare and should immediately begin building your new home. I recommend grabbing those iron frames, iron walls, iron sheets, and swapping the large battery into your welder immediately. You can build something like I did or get creative. The design I used is one I discovered while watching Autom8it (an amazing YouTuber, please go show him some love!). His design that I used is a 4 cube along the East/West axis by 3 cube along the North/South axis with 2 raised tiles separating an Airlock & breathing room in the North East corner and a cold storage room in the South East corner. Per his design I also used a windowed opening to the North. For those newish to the game, North is 0° on your compass in the lower right.

No matter what design you use, build it QUICKLY. Don’t waste time mining or organizing things, save that for the daylight hours when you’re stuck inside (You’ll see in E2). I took the advice of a viewer (Sildadia) in Twitch chat and moved the crates inside and disassembled them so they’d drop everything on the floors. This was my first experience trying this and it was a major time saver, previous builds I’ve unloaded the crates into inventory and dropped that inside… I couldn’t be more appreciative for that little nugget of wisdom!

Lastly for this stage, make sure you get the solar panel on the roof (angled up and facing South), preferably centered above the air lock to your breathing room. This makes a great spot for the Power Controllers, battery charger, and also makes it quick to wire up your first couple of active vents to turn it from a room into a proper manual air lock.

In E2 we’ll go over the first day of setting up the interior… Stay tuned!

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